Tamás Deák

Tamás Deák

Web Developer

Space arcade game


A simple aracede game

  • Platform: Any - browser based
  • Language: Javascript
  • Other used: Html


We were visiting the Past of the future retro computing museum with my friends when the idea was born. Where are the good old classic games? I mean the really simple ones.

Basic platformers, basic shooters, etc, etc. Where the focus was mainly on the gameplay, not on the eyecandy and full motion videos.

It was obvious (for me) to create something that is based on the "good old values"... .

Design and luck

Just to be paradox, I always love to start with some basic design. I think it's a psychological boost for me to see some sprites/graphics on the screen instead of simple boxes and circles :)

I was absolutely surprised when I've found the original Tyrian 2000 sprites on the net. Freely. The second suprise was, when I realized, it's on the original graphician's (Daniel Cook) blog, and he gives out this cool pixel art freely. Nice.

Tyrian 2000 Sprites

Goal of the project

If I tell you, I have to kill you :D

And it's good for practicing JS and web graphics techniques. (And pixeling with GIMP :/ )

When I have the time and passion, I write a few lines of code, add a new sprite, or make the bullets explode when they hit another player...

For example I made my unique physics particle system, what's used for the spaceships' exhaust effect. But it will be useful for making smoke or some debris for explosions in the future... And it looks cool in this zero gravity environment :)

The code is already capable for adding more players and more weapons simply.

The "game"

I wouldn't call it now a game, just a techdemo... ;)

You can try it out by clicking here

Mobile devices aren't (yet) supported. (Keyboard needed)


  • Player 1 - cursor keys + space
  • Player 2 - WASD + shift

Downloadable "concrete" source is not available yet. Of course you can check the HTML source as usual ;)