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Simple C server


Simple C server

  • Platform: Linux (or WSL)
  • Language: C
  • Other used: --


The purpose of this project is to implement a simple key-value storage server in C, and a basic Python client to check its functionalities. The main goal was to develop a software what is capable of handling network requests, and code forking to spawn individual worker instances to handle multiple connections.

Of course it can not be used for anything special, but it can demonstrate C capabilities for network handling, filesystem usage, forking, .h headers and a makefile. It could be ideal for learning purposes.

It has some configurable options (port, max No of connections), and a few error checking routines.

DISCLAIMER: Don't use it for any production environment, because it has it's limitations because of using fork(), and can cause heavy disk usage with large number of keys.

You can find the docs, and source here: