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Tamás Deák

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A Pacman clock project


A cool Pacman clock

  • Platform: Any - browser based
  • Language: Javascript
  • Other used: Html

In summer of 2017 I was wondering why are there so many Pong clocks on the net. I know, I know, it's easy to develop and "sooo funny" to see, and you are very cool & hipster if you have one.

But nobody wants more?

Something what's a bit more complex? More colors? More eyecandy? More more?

No. Nobody. :(

I've found a LED Pacman clock on the net, but I was thinking in more complex forms and shapes than a 8x16 color LED matrix... :S

Finally I decided to write my own Pacman clock. It will be soooo colorful and sooo animated, and sooo coooool. (Oh, and hipster! ;))

Where the work started

Guess where? I needed sprites. I thought the original arcade sprites will be enough for me. They have nice colors, and look authentic.

The original sprites

Of course I needed some "background" for my actors, where they can happily live and chase each other. I selected this NES screenshot as the base for the walls.

I ripped the walls

All I had to do was to slice these pics to equally sized tiles, create the animation pics, and (do not) give them clever names.

Our final sprites

Let's code

I started the work with the open source WADE engine, because I played with it several times, and found it easy to use, and I absolutely like the whole thing what's behind it. (Developers, community, support (!!) etc)

Some code

Unfortunately there aren't interesting stories or fun facts about the development. :)

Special thanks to my colleague Ádám, who give the main idea to use the walls to show the current time :)

Show me the clock!!!

If you would like to see it in fullscreen, you can check it here

Or there is an embed version:

Source is available here:

The answer

(Of course: 42 )

Are you still curious why there aren't any Pacman clocks in the world???

Because Pacman is still a copyrighted intellectual property of Bandai Namco, and you are strictly prohibited to use it anywhere.

So please never speak about this page nor give the link to your friend / boss / wife / pet.