Tamás Deák

Tamás Deák

Web Developer

Perl text frontend


A text frontend in perl

  • Platform: Linux
  • Language: Perl

We had to manage a lot of user IDs at my work, and this was a slow & painful process. We needed multiple source feedfiles and we must run multiple scripts to add/del/modify the specified IDs on the hosts.

Ease the pain

I dreamt a big, and started to build some user friendly frontend for all of those tasks. To select the input files which contains all the required datas, to check them for errors, to generate the needed feedfiles and to run all the scritps...

File selector

My favourite feature was the mini fileselector, what you can see on the image above. :)

Unfortunately in the middle of the development we migrated everything to a new system, what worked differently and more easier. So this project was abandoned :/

But I never gave up... I always dreamt about a second edition... :)